Surrey Training Group Meeting – 21st June 2018

Martin Somerfield from Croner Group - Talk on accidents and near misses.

Martin Somerfield from Croner Group

Yesterday morning we were delighted to hold our second Surrey Training Group meeting for the year. We welcomed existing, and new members gather together in our Training and Wellbeing Centre at the Natta Group Head Office for a networking breakfast.

Accidents and Near Misses

The meeting started with Martin Somerfield from Croner Group giving a very interesting presentation about accidents and near misses at work. His talk covered the biggest causes of death and injury in the construction industry, how to prevent them and how to make the workplace as safe as possible. Martin also covered why near misses are so important, how to deal with them and why every incident needs investigating.

Grant Reform

The second part of the meeting was a group discussion held by Toni Gray, Group Training Officer, about the recent Grant Reform. This was a fantastic opportunity for the members to get involved and discuss their ideas and opinions with each other. The discussion included topics such as the benefits of the change, any issues with the new system, suggestions, and general feedback.

Toni Gray – Group Training Officer for Surrey Training Group

Toni Gray – Group Training Officer for Surrey Training Group

The meeting was extremely successful and saw a variety of companies collaborating together to offer advice and guidance.

If you are interested in becoming a member and attending our next meeting as well as receiving the benefits of being part of the Surrey Training Group then please contact us on 01252 855399 or click here.