Toni Gray becomes a Construction Ambassador

Toni Gray - Construction Ambassador

Great news! Toni Gray, our Group Training Officer, is now a Construction Ambassador for the Natta Group.

What does a Construction Ambassador do?

Construction Ambassadors play a vital role in supporting and promoting careers within the construction industry. As an Ambassador, Toni will inspire potential new entrants to the Construction Industry. She will inform them about the industry and convey what it’s actually like to work in construction. By doing this Toni will be providing an introduction to the industry for many young people considering their future careers.

Plans have begun on how we can reach out to our local community. Highlighting the many fantastic opportunities available within the construction industry. This can be done with school visits for children or all ages, attending career fairs, open days here at Natta head office to name a few. Watch this space for more information on this. We are really looking forward to getting out into the local community and promoting the opportunities available within construction.

Due to the skill shortage, Toni will be playing a vital role in the future of the construction industry.

Congratulations Toni! We look forward to you motivating the generation of tomorrow to join the construction industry.

If you would like to find out more about Toni, and her new Ambassador status then why not come along to our next Surrey Training Group meeting. If you want to find out more about the Surrey Training Group or want to become a member click here.

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